Bootlegged After Tattoo Phase II Lotion With Hemp Oil

Bootlegged Phase II Maintenance Lotion will keep your skin healthy and your ink fresh. Other ways our customers are using Bootlegged Maintenance Lotion include: Psoriasis, eczema, to diminish scars, to ease sore muscles and joints, and skin rashes.
With Bootlegged Phase II Maintenance Lotion you will get all the benefits from one of the oldest and best healing plants and one of the most renewable resources on the planet. Our lotion is loaded with the full spectrum of well known healing hemp compounds plus the not-so-well-known flavonoids, proteins, essential amino and omega fatty acids. It also contains a PROPRIETARY BLEND of skin friendly phyto-terpenes in a premium lotion base.
Indulge your whole body with the newest top shelf tattoo aftercare product. Don’t settle for less. Our customers tell us that Bootlegged “Forever” Phase II Maintenance Lotion reduces pain, speeds healing, reduces flaking & inflammation, and MUCH MORE. Make your body art experience more enjoyable with better results.

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Dr. Angela’s Hemorrhoid Treatment Spray | Organic Hemp & Aloe Formula with Cannabis, Lavender, and Turmeric Essential Oils (4 fl oz) All-Natural Relief

HEM-EASE All-Natural Hemorrhoid Spray offers a plant based formula that is crafted to soothe, heal, cool, cleanse, and comfort the inflamed area. This soothing spray eases burning, calms itching, supports healthy inflammation, protects and nourishes, aids in numbing and shrinking, and encourages natural healing
Ingredients: Organic All-Natural Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Hemp Seed Oil, Witch Hazel, Apple Cider Vinegar and 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Cannabis, Lavender, Turmeric, Tea Tree, and Cypress. Our essential oils are wild crafted and organically grown, GC/MS tested and verified rigorously to ensure purity
Packaged in a black, plastic (PET non-toxic) 4 oz spray bottle for easy application

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – Lemon Flavor – by Dr. Fishman Labs – 250mg 99.9% Pure Hemp Extract – Pain – Stress – Anxiety Relief 30ml -(1oz)

Relieve Stress & Anxiety – Used regularly raw hemp oil may fortify your digestive and cardiovascular systems to help relieve mental stress and physical tension.
Promotes Pain Management – This organic formula promotes pain relief in sore joints and muscles all over, Dr. Fishman’s pure hemp oil may help relax a racing mind to encourage improved focus and clarity before taking a nap or going to bed.
100% Natural – No artificial materials, coloring or any other additives. Our natural formula allows you take as directed or add it to any other oil or food, you can also add this product to your favorite cosmetics and skin care products, Naturally flavored.

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Hemp Oil by Sanus Botanicals Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with Omega 3,6,9 Fatty Acids Relieves Pain and Anxiety Safe for Pets (1 oz, Mint Flavor)

Sanus Botanicals – Bringing you the POWER of nature. All of our products are formulated using nature’s most powerful botanicals.
Hemp Oil – The long untold secret, Hemp is considered as nature’s MOST powerful botanical. With the same properties as it’s sibling, Hemp has POWERFUL effects on the body. Hemp oil has been SHOWN to aid in depression, anxiety, weight loss, better skin, anti-ageing, a POWERFUL nootropic (brain booster), rich in magnesium, rich in essential fatty acids, and more!
Why us? – We didn’t make any ordinary Hemp oil that you would normally find on amazon or at your local organic shop. Our Hemp oil contains 2x the Hemp extract than ANY other Hemp oil on the market. Our Hemp oil is rich in Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids. Our Hemp oil is made in USA. And finally, our Hemp oil is REAL without any fillers or additives!

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Hemp Seed – Cannabis Sativa – 100% Pure Carrier Oil – Use with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils by Blue World Naturals

Hemp Seed oil does not contain THC and should not be confused with hash oil or cannabis oil. It does however have a great ratio of omega fatty acids, proteins and vitamins which can soothe and nourish damaged and dry skin
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Common Uses: Hemp Seed oil is popularly used to help relieve inflammation and reduce swelling in sore muscles and tendons. Recomended for a topical application.

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Jadience Muscle & Joint Massage Cream – Topical Analgesic – Sore Muscle Relief – Superior Glide and Friction

MAKE IT PART OF YOUR MASSAGE THERAPY SUPPLIES – Used during massage and body treatments, Massage Therapists experience less repetitive motion pain, relieving their inflammation, swelling, and overworked muscle and joint pain.
JOINT & MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF THERAPY – Achyranthis (“ACHY”ranthis) is known to increase circulation, strengthen bones, remove internal bruises and alleviate pain. 100% guaranteed muscle pain reliever of severe joint pain.
FOR SORE MUSCLES, PULLED MUSCLES & LOWER BACK PAIN MANAGEMENT- Puerariae is known to increase circulation, have anti-spasmodic effects, and soothe muscles, nerves, joints. Physical therapy for back & neck pain relief & spasms.

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Natural Organic Hemp Seed Extract Oil 450 mg 1 Fl oz.(30ml) Mint Flavor Full Spectrum Rich in Omega 3,6 & 9 Fatty Acids Anti Inflammation by MakNaty

HIGH QUALITY: This good quality product is derived from Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids and has a Mint flavor as well.
POTENTIAL HEALTH BENEFITS: The nutrients in this product work seamlessly together with the human body to support a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. It may help to reduce pain, arthritis, inflammation and related issues as well.
SERVING SIZE: The Whole Bottle contains 30 ml (1 Fl.); thus each drop contains 15 mg of high quality Hemp Oil with Mint Flavor.

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Premium Natural Hemp Oil Extract:: Reduces Pain, Aches, Inflammation

Relaxing and anti-spasmodic
Good for insomnia and stress-relieving
Improves cardiovascular health

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