6″x4″x2.5″ Mylar Ziplock Stand up Storage Bag/Pouch – Clear Front Black Back Gusseted Odor Proof Hemp Dried Flowers (1/4 oz) Snack Storage

Odor/smell proof design locks in freshness of your foods (or flowers) while also protecting it from moisture, oxidation and mold.
Gusset allows bag to expand 2.5″ at bottom (and stand up), allowing easy storage of 1/4 oz of hemp, dried flowers, etc. (while keeping flowers from being crushed)
Clear front high gloss black back provides great branding opportunity for your product/business and to separate yourself from the run of the mill silver bags found on Amazon.

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A Pets World 3 Natural Catnip Marijuana Joint Cat Toys-USA Grown

3 potent natural catnip joints for kitty.  Sometimes called Grass, Weed, Pot, Marijuana—It’s Catnip Cannabis!
Each hand rolled doobie measures approximately 4 3/4″ long and 3/4″ in circumference.
USA made with Eco-Friendly Felt and All Natural Catnip for the best high

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A+ Organic 1 oz Imphepho – Helichrysum odoratissimum

Quality Imphepho, Packaged by Wiccanherbmaster
Features Full-Color Custom Illustrated Drawing of Plant.
Sealed Packet to Ensure Freshness and Quality.

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Advanced Nutrients Sampler Pack: Voodoo Juice, B-52, Bud Candy, SensiZym, Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, Overdrive and Bloom, Micro & Grow

INCLUDED: 1 Ounce Each – pH Perfect GROW-MICRO-BLOOM TRIO: Which is a 3-part premium base nutrient trio precisely formulated to give your high-value crops the exact nutrient ratios and concentrations they need.
INCLUDED: 1/2 Ounce VOODOO JUICE (Maximizes the root’s ability to form symbiotic relationships with beneficial fungi and bacteria); 1/2 Ounce B-52: (Six different B vitamins alongside amino-rich kelp extract, humic acids, fulvic acid and powerhouse nutrients.); 1/2 Ounce BUD CANDY (Feeds sugars and aminos for optimum size, taste and aroma).

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bath bombs6+12

HANDMADE BATH BOMBS: enjoy some me-time with the 6 handcrafted bath bombs made with natural and healthy food-grade materials, without artificial chemicals and no preservatives added
6 UNIQUE SCENTS: the package includes 6 bath bombs (4 ounces/each) in 6 sensual and relaxing smells including rose, peppermint, orange, lemon, lavender and citronella for an aromatherapy session
TREAT YOUR SKIN WELL: moisturize your skin and add some smoothness and radiance to it thanks to the essential oils, body butter, and other natural ingredients without leaving residues in your tub

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Cannabis Rose – Scented All Natural Soy Wax Melts – 6 Cube Clamshell 3.2oz Highly Scented!

Unique, and absolutely fascinating! The blend of Bulgarian rose, pomegranate flower, bergamot, cannabis accord, sheer jasmine, dark chocolate, white musk, patchouli, and oolong tea. Our All Natural Soy Wax Melts are Hand Poured in our home state of Maine. Our … Read More

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Gifts Delight Laminated 36×24 inches Poster: Weed Ganga Marijuana Cannabis Nug Spliff Chronic Medicine Bud A Grade Isolated White Cured Homegrown

Laminated durable tear resistant 36×24 (inches) HD Poster. Bold & vivid colors.
Printed on high quality 24lb photo gloss paper
Ships same day it is purchased (weekdays)

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Harmful Effects of Marijuana 24″ X 36″ Laminated Poster

Detailed illustrations on the Harmful Effects of Marijuana on the Body
Large Size 24″ x 36″
Easy to Read

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Honey Sticks

OUR MISSION: Here at SB Organics our company goal and mission is to provide the highest quality, clean, real organic and nutritious products to our consumers. We also recognize the importance of sustainable, environmentally conscious methods of sourcing our products worldwide. We hope you enjoy our health and world conscious line of products here at SB Organics
OUR HONEY: Our Honeysticks obtain their incredibly aromatic flavor from the light amber nectar of native Star Thistle flowers. Our famous honey, made by our happy and much beloved honeybees, is always 100% pure and unprocessed with original flavor, absolutely zero additives. Baby, this is what you came for.
USES: Our Bulk Honeystix Packs are ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Perfect with other snacks such as raspberries, cherries, peaches, or nuts, or as a tea sweetener with a little bit of lemon, our product serves a huge variety of healthy purposes! Going to fix up a cup right now!

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KoKo Nuggz (Cookies & Cream OG)

NON Medicate

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